The Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like a Workout: SUP

Two Paddle Boarders

The Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like a Workout: SUP

There is nothing better than finding an activity that is not only fun and gets you outside, but also is a great workout! Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is the best way to burn some calories while having fun on the water.

Endurance, Balance, and Strength  

Paddleboarding isn’t only a workout for your core, as many people have branded the activity; it is a great endurance workout as well. Additionally, depending on the length of your excursion, it greatly increases your balance. Your legs, core, arms, and neck all work in tandem to move your board, making it a full body workout. In my opinion, one of the only full body workouts that feels more like fun than a workout! I love to take my SUP out before or after work because it is a great way for me to start or end my day. Whether you are in shape and looking for a workout to increase your surfing skills, or you are looking for a leisurely paddle to enjoy Wrightsville Beach or Figure Eight Island (and burn some cals), Stand Up Paddelboarding is the activity for you.

So, How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Now it’s time to answer the question I know many wonder when out on the water. How many calories do you really burn while Paddelboarding? Well, that question depends on what kind of SUP you are doing. SUP Yoga, SUP touring, SUP surfing, and leisure Paddelboarding all differ in the amount of calories burned. According to SUP Connect, the amount of expended calories of each were determined based on averaging out three different people at different weights and one hour of paddling at each activity.

  • SUP Yoga is just as it sounds; doing some Yoga on a paddle board in the water! What can be better? How about that SUP Connect found you can burn between 416-540 calories in only one hour while doing Yoga on a paddle board.


  • SUP Touring usually involves paddling for a longer distance than leisure paddling with some stops in between to listen to the guide. SUP Connect found at a 3mph pace for an hour on a tour around 615-708 calories.


  • SUP Surfing is a more intensive type of SUP that is a great workout and training method for surfers. SUP Connect found that you can burn around 623-735 calories an hour while paddle surfing.


  • Going for a leisure paddle on the weekend, like most of us do, has shown to burn around 305-430 calories.

Whatever the SUP activity may be, you can be assured you are doing a fun weekend workout, that doesn’t even feel like you are working out! Check out our website and rental rates below to plan your next SUP excursion!

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