What’s SUP?

Stand Up Paddle-boarding, or “SUP,” has become the fastest growing water sport in America for several great reasons. First and foremost, it’s very easy to learn. It’s also a great outdoor activity which stimulates the mind and the body. You can learn quickly, have fun, and receive a great low-impact workout all at the same time!

SUP-ing traces its roots back to Waikiki, Oahu in Hawaii. Its origins stem from combining the traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe with the surf board. This sport proved to be a great way to catch and ride the gentle rollers of the South Shore. Nowadays, ironmen such as Laird Hamilton and Garrett McNamara stroke into Goliath sized waves on the North Shores of Maui and Oahu or anywhere else they can find them with the help of their SUP boards.

Most of us, however, prefer to simply get a decent workout and ride some of our own gentle local rollers in Wrightsville Beach North Carolina. The beauty of learning to SUP is that it can be done on any flat, calm body of water – once you learn, you can SUP anywhere you go!

Cape Fear Paddleboardng combines respect for the environment, dedication to teaching, and genuine love of SUP to provide a fun and encouraging atmosphere for anyone who wants to get in on this sport. From beginners to experts, Cape Fear Paddleboarding will provide the perfect excursion for you.